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Redesign work in the digital transformation era

The Focused Company Framework

From the foreword by Prof. Dr. Volker Busch, neuroscientist and Spiegel bestselling author, for The Focused Company Workbook: “This workbook wonderfully summarizes the current state of knowledge and research. We will have to rethink not only work, but also our ways of working. New Work must also include brain-friendly work. As a neuroscientist and psychiatrist, I would unconditionally agree with the authors: The ability to redirect your attention in a purposeful way is pretty much the most important trait for mental success, which you should reclaim and develop.”

Focus time is a core element of the TFC method and comprises a mutually agreed upon period of two hours in the morning during which completely undisturbed work is possible. There are no phone calls, meetings or email communications. TFC is the first systemically integrated framework for concentrated work in companies in an age characterized by multitasking and fragmentation. TFC increases the productivity and self-organization of knowledge workers by implementing relevant neuroergonomic principles, redefining leadership and establishing a culture of concentration.

First edition 2021, Rossberg

Authors: Vera Starker, Matthias Schneider, Martin Kley
Graphic Design: Lisa Pepita Weiss
Print: Lokay Umweltdruckerei

Softcover, 185 x 260 mm
180 Pages
Language: English

26 €

ISBN 978-3-948612-10-8

Release 24th of November 2021

Deep Work for Companies Cover Rossberg Verlag
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